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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thanks for the additions to my learning network

I had a pleasant surprise in my inbox the other day - I was added to a top-50 list! Teaching Tips.com put me in the Technology section of their Top 50 Must-Read Up and Coming Blogs by Teachers. I would very much like to think that the ideas and information I share are of "must-read" quality, so thank you to Teaching Tips.com for including me!

I've also been added to another educational directory - the International Edubloggers Directory is a directory of other educational bloggers. If you are an educational blogger, you too can request to be added to the list. It's just one more resource you can use to expand your learning network. I've found some of the folks on my blogroll, such as Stephanie Sandifer at Change Agency, David Warlick at 2¢, Clay Burell at Beyond School, and Patrick Higgins at Chalkdust 101, to name a few. I've added the Edubloggers badge to my blog - if you're interested in joining, visit the Directory and click on the Add tab at the top.